Black Dog Howling Pale Ale 330ml

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Black Dog Howling Pale Ale 330ml

  • Country: Australia
  • Brewery: Black Dog
  • Availability: Available
  • Alcohol %: 5.2%
  • Volume: 330
  • Type: Pale Ale

Tasting Notes:

A new world pale ale inspired by the American Pacific North-West styles, this beer is made with premium malts and a selection of hops from three continents. With a generous malty profile, lots of aromatic hop characters and a good lick of hop bitterness, it is very moorish leaving you wanting to have another. We are constantly tweaking the hops, maintaining the bitterness level but utilising new varieties to give our pale more aromatics and flavour.

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6 Pack $26.99 $26.99
Single $5.20 $4.68
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