Delirium Tremens Strong Ale

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Delirium Tremens Strong Ale

  • Country: Belgium
  • Brewery: Huyghe
  • Availability: Available
  • Alcohol %: 9%
  • Volume: 330
  • Type: Ale

Tasting Notes:

A truly superb Belgium Strong Ale. Triple fermented, strong flavours and exquisitly balanced. Very light and yellow in colour with some sediment visible in the glass. A nice light looking fluffy head foamed up.The nose exhibited spicy coriander, floral, candied citrus fruits and banana lollys and yeastiness.Rich, full and sweetly malted on the palate. There was almost no hint of the alcohol (just a nice warming oily hint at the end), sweet fruitiness, spice, banana and herbaceous hints. Smooth throughout and some nice crisp carbonation. Definiately a sipping beer.

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