Green Beacon Windjammer IPA

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Green Beacon Windjammer IPA

  • Country: Australia
  • Brewery: Green Beacon
  • Availability: Available
  • Alcohol %: 6.0%
  • Volume: 375ml
  • Type: India Pale Ale

Tasting Notes:

Green Beacon Windjammer has a deep golden hue and is boldly bittered via early and late kettle hop injections backed up by adding even more hops during fermentation. This dry hopped ale is a standout in both it’s up front bitterness, its spicy citrus aroma and its long finish on the palette. A powerful beer originally brewed to survive the long trip from the UK to India, it is best paired with subtle foods because it will always take centre stage. A Hop driven delight that will take your breath away!

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4 Pk $21.50 $18.99
single $5.99 $5.39
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