Hargreaves Hill - Pale Ale

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Hargreaves Hill - Pale Ale

  • Country: Australia
  • Brewery: Hargreaves Hill
  • Availability: Available
  • Alcohol %: 4.9%
  • Volume: 330
  • Type: Pale Ale

Tasting Notes:

Pale is brewed from a blend of specialty malts which add character and complexity to the flavour, and supply a rich cognac hue. This ale is bittered with American grown Cascade hops, and a late addition to the boil provides the citric floral notes which are released immediately after pouring. Some caramel sweetness is contributed by the malt, with a marmalade reminiscent bitterness appearing at the end of the palate.

Product RRP Purvis QTY
24 Pack $79.99 $79.99
6 Pack $21.99 $21.99
Single $3.99 $3.59
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