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CoConspirators Brewing Company

CoConspirators Brewing Company

The brainchild of two couples – Jacqui Sacco, Tim Martin, Maggie and Deon Smit, the origins of Co-Conspirators Brewing Company started off as hobby, but quickly became an obsession.

We met at the Merri Mashers homebrew club through the great conduit of craft beer. Along the way we educated our palettes by exploring local and international craft beers of every style and challenging ourselves to recreate our favourites. As our confidence grew and mixed with a healthy dose of curiosity this soon was replaced with building our own recipes. At the same time brewing started to take over our houses with simple beer kits brewed on the kitchen sink turning into full blown all-grain home brew setups that took over the entire garage.

After enjoying the success of winning several home brew competitions, we were given the exciting opportunity to re-brew our beloved recipes on a commercial scale. After seeing our beers being enjoyed in the hands of the public, the seed (grain) was planted and over a celebratory pint it was decided – we were starting our own brewing company.

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