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Bridge Road Saison De Wilde Mixed 4PK

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Bridge Road Brewers have teamed up with some of Australia’s best Chardonnay producers to create unique beers fermented on the wild wine yeast.

As many of you may know, the Beechworth wine region is home to some of the most revered examples of Chardonnay in our great brown land.

Each year we make an ultra limited set of ‘De Wilde’ beers, which are barrel fermented on wild yeast from 3 iconic local wine producers – Giaconda, Sorrenberg and A.Rodda – This year’s incarnation, ‘Saison de Wilde’ is a dazzler!

The yeast from each winemaker is sourced from an active chardonnay ferment and inoculated into 3 separate barrels of our beer. this year’s version, Saison De Wilde, was aged in barrels for 12 months, and has resulted three beers of fantastic texture and complexity.

Available as a 4 pack, with our Chevalier Saison – Designed to be enjoyed as set, comparing and contrasting the nuances + effects of each yeast on the character of the beer.

(Not sold separately)

About this beer

Barrel Aged
Gift Pack
Saison / Farmhouse / Grisette