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BrewDog Restorative Beverage For Invalids and Convalescents DIPA 330ml Can

ABV 8.7%
by BrewDog
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From their 1700’s London origins to their 1800’s Burton heyday through their 2000’s Californian rebirth, IPA has remained one of the world’s most evocative, exciting and encapsulating beer styles. IPA is our go-to style here at BrewDog; from Punk to Hardcore, Jack Hammer to Atlantic IPA, we have majored in bringing you as many hop-forward beers to you as is humanly possible.. We wanted to brew a completely new and conceptual IPA that paid tribute to the style’s origins whilst incorporating the devastatingly modern techniques and technologies. A 21st Century drink with an 18th Century ethos; a very new yet very old IPA. We found our inspiration from a doctor. The ‘father of Pharmacology’ Dr Jonathan Pereira to be precise. In 1843 he published a book which shook the establishment. Titled ‘A Treatise on Food and Diet’, it referred to the IPA’s of the early to mid 1800’s in the following terms: “The Indian Pale Ale is carefully fermented, so as to be devoid of all sweetness, or, in other words, to be dry; and it contains double the usual quantity of hops. It forms, therefore, a most valuable restorative beverage for invalids and convalescents. It is taken with benefit by many persons on whom other kinds of ale act injuriously.” Upon further research (which started with Mitch Steele’s excellent book entitled IPA we discovered that the most prized IPA’s of the early 1800’s were the palest and driest ones. We then set about to create the palest and driest IPA we could, paying tribute to the best old world IPA’s before hopping the hell out of it with the most modern hops and the latest hopping techniques giving the beer a revivalist, postmodern spin. The result is something which is almost 9%, is as light as a mass-market pilsner in colour, fermented to be as dry as a Lambic, but is as bitter as any double IPA and loaded with as much hop aroma as we can get into a beer. The fermentables in this beer were Marris Otter Extra Pale along with plenty of sugar as we mashed at a very low temperature to ensure maximum fermentability and attenuation and this beer is fermented within an inch of it’s life making it dry, sheer and bright. Citra, Amarillo & Centennial were all used in abundance in the kettle and also fired extremely liberally at this beer with our high tech hop cannon. Screw any semblance of balance. This beer is like injecting hops straight into your tongue with a needle. Inspired by that other great era for India Pale Ales, the mid-nineteenth Century, Restorative Beverage is going to be impossible to remonstrate with, or counter. Its entire foundation exists on the basis of scientific fact. The good Doctor had spoken. Restorative Beverage for Invalids and Convalescents is medical opinion writ large. History brought to life. It is the biggest, baddest, most uplifting IPA we have ever made. OG: 1068 IBU’s: 100+ Malts: Extra pale Hops: Columbus, Citra, Amarillo, Centennial

About this beer

ABV 8.7%
Imperial / Double IPA

Overall 95
85 Score
3.67/5 280 Ratings
8.7% ABV