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3 Fonteinen Hommage Bio Frambozen with Honey 750ml

ABV 6.3%
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3 Fountains Homage is obtained by maceration of hand-picked full cherries and (organic) raspberries on young traditional lambic, for at least four months, in a ratio of 760 grams of raspberries, and 240 grams of cherries per liter. Afterwards the fruit lamb is assembled with young lamb and everything is bottled, and the fermentation continues in the bottle. Homage is a rasped raspberry lamb beer, with an intense forest fruit bouquet, and with evolution in the glass. Natural fruit, without the addition of juices, syrups, or sugars. Unfiltered and unpasteurized.

About this beer

ABV 6.3%
Lambic - Fruited
RateBeer: 98/100

Overall 98
79 Score
3.82/5 30 Ratings
6.3% ABV