Alvinne Mano Negra Barrel-Aged Chilli Stout 500ml


Mano Negra, this time aged on Bordeaux barrels and enriched with dried chili pepper. Very dark chestnut brown colour with burgundy hue, black in general appearance. Complex, aroma of dry red wine, smoky dried chilis, roasted peanuts, bread, fig, black pepper, very old dry sherry, caramel, cigar ashes, dark chocolate, blackberry. Supple, somewhat oily, slick but ’full’ malt body underneath, caramelly and nutty. Final stage is lit with burning chili -  this chili burn is smoky and juicy at the same time and supports the tannin-rich woodiness.

About this beer

ABV 10.0%
Barrel Aged
Imperial Stout

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