Amager / Edge Granny With A Gun IPA 500ml

83 year old Bonnie Ramsbotton from the Melbourne suburb Sunshine was brought up never to take the law into her own hands. However, circumstances would soon make her do exactly that. One Tuesday afternoon, returning from her weekly game of bowls, she found her 11 week old Affenpinscher pup lying on her back porch, bleeding from the rectum with a roll of gaffer tape next to it. The wee doggie was clearly dead. Tears fought with feelings of revenge. The latter won. Mrs. Ramsbotton had a clear idea that the villains behind this beastly deed were the two street punks she had recently reported to the police for pushing little white pills to underage school kids. A suspicion that was immediately confirmed, when she encountered the two culprits in their usual spot on the street, and they grinningly greeted her with: "So how’s your puppy doing"? Mrs. Ramsbotton’s reply was swift. With the Webley revolver her ANZAC dad had left behind she placed two very precise rounds exactly where a man hurts the most, leaving the punks in excruciating pain on the sidewalk - yet alive. Then she calmly walked away and turned herself in. Months later local citizens who saw her as a neighbourhood heroine suggested raising a statue named "Granny With A Gun". A suggestion Mrs. Ramsbotton most likely would have turned down - had she still been alive. But grief and sorrow had finally taken its toll...

About this beer

ABV 6.0%

Overall 94
94 Score
3.64/5 78 Ratings
6% ABV

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