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Chimay Belgium Trilogy Gift Pack

by Chimay
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For over a hundred years the Chimay brand has been synomyous with Belgium Beer. This pack brings you three Chimay beers as well as a Chimay goblet glass designed specifically for drinking these styles of beers. The beers and glass come beautiful packaged in a Chimay branded box making it a perfect gift for any occasion - be it a birthday or anniversary.

The Chimay Beers included in this pack are:

Chimay Rouge (red): 330ml, 7% ABV

Chimay Blanche (white): 330ml, 8% ABV

Chimay Bleue (blue): 330ml, 9% ABV

About this beer

Abbey Dubbel
Abbey Tripel
Belgian Strong Ale
Gift Pack
RateBeer: 100/100
RateBeer: 99/100