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Nøgne Ø # 100 Barley Wine 330ml

ABV 10.0%
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Our 100th batch, brewed for the enjoyment of the brewers, but popular demand forced us to release it commercially. Most enjoyable in a comfortable chair in front of a roaring fire. Recommended serving temperature 16°C/61°F Ingredients: Maris Otter, wheat, and chocolate malt; Columbus, Chinook, and Centennial hops; English ale yeast, and our local Grimstad water. 23,5°P, 80 IBU, 10% ABV. Editor’s note: Even though the label says "Barley Wine" in the States, the brewery usually says it’s brewed to be an IIPA. The American label was supposedly a glitch. In Europe it’s sold as an IIPA. But to save the admin crew some time dealing with user feedback, it’s listed as a Barley Wine.

About this beer

ABV 10.0%
Barley Wine / Wheat Wine
RateBeer: 99/100

Overall 98
96 Score
3.81/5 714 Ratings
10% ABV