Garage Project Sauvin Nouveau Pilsner 650ml

ABV 8.1%
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What do you get when you add freshly pressed Sauvignon Blanc juice to a pilsner wort, extravagantly hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops, and then ferment the resulting blend? 

Vin Nouveau meet Sauvin Nouveau in a vintage harvest pilsner of crisp and intense aromatic fruit complexity, where the flavours of beer and wine intertwine so closely it’s almost indecent. Surely it can’t be wrong if it feels this right? This beer was made possible by the generous assistance of the award winning Palliser Estate winery.

About this beer

ABV 8.1%
Fruit Beer
New Zealand

Overall 94
99 Score
3.65/5 116 Ratings
8.5% ABV

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