Hop Nation The Fiend Australian IPA 330ml

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Introducing THE FIEND, our Australian IPA and part one of our nation-based IPA series. THE FIEND – noun. “someone who craves a certain substance.” Various fiends exist out there – the tweaker, the junkie, the pothead. We all know one. We’ve been called FIENDS too. Obsessed with getting our grubby mitts on the best Australian hops we can find and with an unshakable thirst for good, solid brews. We’re stoked to be sharing our fix with you. BEER PROFILE: Using all Australian grown hops, we have created a sessionable, IPA-style beer with fresh hop aroma and a crisp palate.

About this beer

ABV 5.4%

Overall 49
31 Score
3.22/5 22 Ratings
5.4% ABV

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