Wild Smoke 'n' Barrels - Winter Smoked Belgian Dubbel 330ml

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Seasonal - Winter (but available year round in bottle). Belgian Dubbel + Liquorish Smoked Sloes + Foudre Winter Has Arrived Winter is a time for rich, warming and intense flavours and they don’t come much more intense than Wild Sloes. And we’ve gone BIG with this smoke n barrels. Smoke ‘n’ Barrels is all about encorporating local ingredients and also smoking malts with various varieties of wood. For a true taste of Somerset winter we smoked local sloes with liquorish root. Intense and rich, the base Belgian Dubbel base is packed with date, fig and dried fruit character. It was also finished by filling one of our new red wine foudres straight from california. The vineous wood character increases the decadent delight even further.

About this beer

ABV 7.4%

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