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Hours - Sun-Thurs 12pm-7pm, Fri & Sat 11am-8pm
Hours - Sun-Thurs 12pm-7pm, Fri & Sat 11am-8pm

2 Brothers Space XPA 375ml Can

ABV 5.2%
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The greatest & hardest working man in the brewhouse, Tommy, often tells us tales of his brother working for SpaceX. Then out of nowhere, Andrew (one of the brothers) decides to tell us he worked as an aerospace engineer in Seattle (definitely working on shadow projects). Feeling mildly inadequate and left contemplating our own existence as brewers, we brewed this Space XPA to fill the void - a hop driven tropical fruit bowl that satisfies our quest for more. Enjoy!

About this beer

ABV 5.2%
New Arrival
Pale Ale - Australia / NZ