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The Rodenbach Brewery, which was founded by Pedro Rodenbach and his wife, Regina Wauters, a rich brewer’s daughter, dates back to 1836. Their son, Edward Rodenbach, took over the reins in 1864 and initiated a programme of building and expansion.

His son, Eugène, took over as manager in 1878. After training in England, Eugène introduced the oak foeders (giant barrels) that provide Rodenbach beers with their special character.

He studied the vinification of beer and optimised the maturation process.

Eugène died in 1889 and the brewery passed into the hands of his daughters and granddaughters, the family name living on through the limited company they founded. Rodenbach was acquired by Palm Belgian Craft Brewers in 1989. In 2016 Palm was in turn acquired by Swinkels Family Brewers.

The buildings and foeder chambers were restored and the visitor centre was inaugurated in 2000.