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Samuel Smith's Old Brewery

Samuel Smith's Old Brewery, popularly known as Samuel Smith's or Sam Smith's, is an independent British brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England. It is Yorkshire's oldest brewery, founded in 1758. 

Sam Smith's is one of the few remaining British breweries to employ the traditional Yorkshire Square system in the production of its beers. Brewing water for ales and stouts is still drawn from the original 85 ft (26 m) well, sunk when the site was established in 1758, and the yeast used in the fermentation process is of a strain that has been used continuously since approximately 1900—one of the oldest unchanged strains in the country.

Samuel Smith beers in bottled form were a major influence on American craft brewers such as Goose Island and Brooklyn Brewery in the late 1970s and early 1980s.