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2 Brothers VooDoo Baltic Porter 375ml Can

ABV 6.5%
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We generally try to do something a little different, and Voodoo is no exception. Baltic Porters are slightly unusual in that �porter� is typically an ale style, but the Baltic version is made with a lager yeast. This tends to result in a cleaner ferment, minimising the fruity ester characters found in other porter styles.

Voodoo Baltic Porter�s malt character is driven by crystal and dehusked black malt. This results in espresso notes without the astringent, bitter roasted character often present in dark beers.

Voodoo was judged Best Victorian Beer at the 2010 AIBA competition and was also ranked highest in the Draught Porter category, earning a gold medal.

Just like a Tufnel guitar solo at a live show, you�ll quickly realise an experience like this only comes around once in a lifetime. So get your hands on a glass or a bottle and enjoy the ride all the way up to 11.

About this beer

ABV 6.5%
Porter - Baltic

Overall 87
58 Score
3.53/5 31 Ratings
6.4% ABV