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Hours - Sun-Thurs 12pm-7pm, Fri & Sat 11am-8pm

Against the Grain Pile of Face American IPA 473ml Can

ABV 6.0%
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What�s the first thing you need to do when you start a brewery? Develop your logo, of course. With any potentially decent brewery, your logo must be a skull, it has to be a skull, you�ll be laughed out of the room if you don�t have a skull. So we went hunting in the area where all the great skulls have come from and were shit out of luck. By those fateful dumpsters all we found was this deformed neanderthal type deal, or maybe it�s from an ape, and a big ol� pile of face. To celebrate our lack of success in finding a really cool skull, we are embracing another required clich� by brewing this American IPA. A modicum of simple malts provide the mediocre backbone to the mountain of various hops that are utilized and rotated throughout the brewing process. Look for dank overtones supported by various citrus and heirloom fruits. It�s the straight forward fuckin� IPA that you always wanted from us. You lucky bastard.

About this beer

ABV 6.0%

Overall 81
75 Score
3.47/5 135 Ratings
6.5% ABV