Almanac Valley of the Heart's Delight (Batch 4) 375ml

ABV 7.0%
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This sour beer is inspired by the Santa Clara Valley’s agricultural roots, before it was known as Silicon Valley, it was called “The Valley of the Heart’s Delight.” It was a fertile basin filled with fruit orchards, especially apricots. Inspired by this lost agrarian past, we combined local apricots and strawberries with our barrel sour blonde ale to create this fruit-forward sour. Pair with grilled pork chops, prosciutto or summer salads. Batch 4: Apricots & Strawberries (released January 2017)

About this beer

ABV 7.0%
RateBeer: 99/100
Sour / Wild Ale

Overall 100
99 Score
3.98/5 49 Ratings
7% ABV

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