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Hours - Sun-Thurs 12pm-7pm, Fri & Sat 11am-8pm

Almanac Vanilla Cherry Dogpatch Sour 375ml

ABV 7.6%
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Vanilla Cherry Dogpatch takes everything you love about our regular Dogpatch Sour and turns it up to 11. We started with our base red sour ale and added a ridiculous amount of Bing, Rainier and Montmorency Cherries to each barrel for a juicy, intense cherry flavor that exudes summer. Then we added in whole Madagascar vanilla beans, building on oak�s natural vanilla flavor. The final blend creates a delicate balance of fruit and oak that keeps you coming back for more.

About this beer

ABV 7.6%
Sour Red / Brown

Overall 98
94 Score
3.81/5 112 Ratings
7.5% ABV