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Amager Billie The Butcher DDH IPA 330ml

ABV 7.0%
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Double dry-hopped IPA. Collab with Billie�s Bier Kaf�taria. Brewed as the official festival beer for Billie�s Craft Beer Fest 2018. It is amazing how much one can get away with by having a pretty face and a moist snout. As the owner of one of Belgium's best beer bars, Billie may come across as a handsome and distinguished gentleman, but do not be fooled! Behind all that floof and soft ears lies a dark secret. While �Jack, The Ripper�, had a thing for sex workers, �Billie, the Butcher�, will lure beer tickers in with a damn fine tap and bottle selection only to spike their drinks and have his way with anyone that shows more interest in rating than in drinking and having a good time. His knives are as sharp as his contempt for those who have forgotten the spirit of sharing brews and laughs among friends, and dare you having a printed evaluation chart or a yellow screen glowing through your phone and you shall experience first-hand (or maybe hands first!) the blade, the blood, the pain. Much like Untappd badges, this sadistic little fucknugget collects his own trophies, and word on the street is he has even created his own app to rate dismemberments, called 'AmpuRate'. Try and tick this brew at his home and you may just become another score among many.

About this beer

ABV 7.0%
IPA - Hazy / New England

Overall 91
62 Score
3.58/5 64 Ratings
7% ABV