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Amager / Dádiva Viewpoint Imperial Stout 330ml

ABV 11.0%
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Wouldn�t the world be painfully boring if we all operated the same way? If our feelings, views and perceptions were formatted to obey pre stipulated patterns and we all had equal ideas of beauty, humor, taste? Fuck that. We are tedious enough as is. And to celebrate our differences we traveled to a land that is nothing like Denmark, teamed up with Brazil�s Cervejaria D�diva, ordered a shitload of Goiabada and coconut, and decided to create our own viewpoint game. By releasing the same beer in slightly modified versions, how would people feel about them? Would the guava coconut mix win over the non nutty one? Would our doubly mashed adaptation appeal more to people or would a more modest body let the fruits shine through better? � if you�d be lucky enough to get your taste buds on D�diva�s �Point of View�. There are no stupid answers, merely stupid people. We trust you to be bright folk, though, who will understand the idea behind this. Pick both up, share them with friends, respect everyone�s right to their own divergent opinions, and be thankful you don�t all see these brews � and the world � the same way. This is a collaboration beer made with Cervejaria D�diva, S�o Paulo, Brazil.

About this beer

ABV 11.0%
Stout - Imperial