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Hours - Sun-Thurs 12pm-7pm, Fri & Sat 11am-8pm

Amager The Boobrie Imperial Stout 330ml

ABV 12.0%
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The fourth beer in our series 'Wicked Tales of Scotland' and a 12% Whisky Barrel Aged Double Mash Imperial Stout - aged in fresh Scottish whisky barrels (Glen Garioch).
Release at the brewery February 2nd 2019.

The Boobrie is a big bird, but then so many birds claim to be big. But when we tell you that its wingspan equals that of 17 White Tailed Eagles, maybe you get the idea. Hopefully you�ll never encounter a Boobrie face to face, as its piercing stare is said to drive a man insane. But from a safe distance this water fowl can be seen hunting in the tall grasses along the lochs of Argyllshire in the western Highlands. The monster bird is said to be especially fond of otters which it will swallow in one bite. However, when it takes to the air it will circle the lake at high altitude and then suddenly do an almost supersonic dive, while shrieking in a voice more resembling a bull than a bird. During such an attack the Boobrie is notorious for snatching sheep or even cattle being transported across the lake in boats by the local farmers. According to local myths even humans have now and then been taken to the sky by this gigantic, grisly looking creature. Should you ever decide to visit Scotland for bird-watching, we kinda hope for you that the Boobrie is one fowl that you�re never gonna see.

About this beer

ABV 12.0%
Stout - Imperial

Overall 97
82 Score
3.78/5 54 Ratings
12% ABV