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Balter Dimples West Coast IPA 500ml Can

ABV 7.3%
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This is a collaborative beer between Balter, Bale Breaker Brewery (WA, USA) and Yakima Chief Hop Farms (WA, USA) who supply a majority of the hops we use in our beers. The backstory… Bale Breaker (Brewery owned by fourth generation Hop Farmers) and Yakima came to Australia with an experimental hop called HPC 630 (or Dimples as we like to call her) that had been pulled straight off Bale Breaker's personal hop farm. The name comes from her appearance which is that of little dimples all over the hop flower. This beer is truly unique as we’re the only brewery in Australia to use it to date. On our first trial we are blown away by this hop and the beer it has allowed us to make and it goes a little something like this… Aromas orange sherbet and as it warms waves of musky candy, pink bubblegum and a light resinous pine. The palate is a blend of herbal & citrus hanging of a delicate and deliberate malt backbone which is playing as good as any support band could play. All these elements combine for a glossy smooth finish leaving your mouth coated with a flavour festival. It’s 7.3% but we are damned if we can find it. Sit back and enjoy the best of what American hops have to offer.

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ABV 7.3%