Boatrocker Sternweisse 500ml

ABV 6.1%
Back in 2015, we did just one barrel of Sternweisse. Due to popular demand, it's back! So, what is it? It's a double barrel aged Brett Berliner weisse. The first barrel ageing took place in used French oak wine barrels with a culture of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. After 6 months, the beer was racked into freshly emptied Starward casks where it aged for a further 3 months before being bottled and left to condition for 2 months. The result is a sour whisky treat with aromas of brett, whisky and oak.  

About this beer

ABV 6.1%
Barrel Aged
Berliner Weisse

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3.3/5 3 Ratings
6.1% ABV

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