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Bodriggy Thundercloud Vol 2: Paloma Sour IPA 355ml Can

ABV 6.7%
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Ahhh the Paloma. Known fondly as the "Working Man's Margarita". Traditionally a "Paloma" is grapefruit, tequila, lime & soda. Chuck all that in a glass. Give it a stir. Bang it down. And what do you know, Jose is your uncle and Maria is your aunt. Delicious. We've taken that as inspiration for our next Thundercloud Sour IPA. A punchy, West Coast IPA which we supercharged with the classic one-two punch of Amarillo & Simcoe. Then we use 220 litres of Ruby Red Grapefruit Puree, 80L of lime juice and 2 kilos of Pink Himalayan Salt to give it that Paloma flair. Comet, Motueka & Citra are then used to dry hop it till its on the Express Train to Flavourtown. Toot Toot. The nose & palate is dripping with succulent, mouthwatering grapefruit & tangy tropical notes. It's as hazy as the future of the economy. This is a party in a glass. Think Carnival. Think Mardi Gras. Think...a sensible party at home in your lounge room respecting the current lockdown laws. Vamos!

About this beer

ABV 6.7%
Sour - IPA