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Bonehead Prickled Pink 375ml Can

ABV 5.0%
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Backfires are pretty much a part of life when you are a Bonehead, it's what you make of them that counts. Say you are planting a border on a farm, with no clue you have used an evasive species. Surprisingly, it's rendered the farm a wasteland. Seriously the Bonehead contains the OG of Australian Bonehead backfires; The Prickly Pear and just like the ill fated cactus she is taking over, starting with you. Don't be fooled by these vibrant, alluring pink tones, take them as a warning. Trust us, she's lovely, sweet, perfumed and almost charming, but we warned when you least expect it, BAM, upside the head with her bat! Just call the sickie in now and save time, it's inevitable.

About this beer

ABV 5.0%