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Bonehead Sweet Pea M.D.L 375ml Can

ABV 4.8%
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*Sliver at the 2018 IBA INDIES
Munich, Czech, Schwarzbier, whatever. This is Sweet Pea and we're calling her a Melbourne Dark Lager. Perfect for 4 seasons in an afternoon. It's dark and sweet, with a lingering choc finish. Yet as a lager should be, it's refreshing enough to sit on when the sun comes out. At first glance this Bonehead appears big, dark and a little full on, but almost surprisingly it's sweet, smooth and, well damn right affectionate. Honestly, if this beer could hug you, it would, then lick you on the nose and run off with your favourite thongs. Sounds crazy, wait until you try it...

About this beer

ABV 4.8%