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Chur Tiny Hands Uge Hops DIPA 440ml Can

ABV 8.5%
I have the biggest most beautiful hands. You should see how Uge they are. That is the reason the Governor of South Dakota wants to put them up on Mt Trumpmore. People may say I use two hands to drink a glass of water, but I just don't want to spill any on the world's largest tie and world's most tailored suit. Oh yes the beer. Well I don't drink you see. SEPERATE LINE. OK I can't stand trying to impersonate this idiot. I seriously got some of the above after the concept of the beer, as every day is dumber than the last. So here we are an Imperial Not So Stable Genius. Mosaic, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy but just more of it! More Malt, UUUUUGGGGE hops! We cannot wait to move on to no more Trump labels come November (well maybe a Dumped the Trump... but that's it).

About this beer

ABV 8.5%
Double Hazy / New England IPA
New Arrival
New Zealand