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Deeds Random Hype Acronym Hazy Pale 440ml Can

ABV 5.6%
Was that a NEIPA or an IPA? And furthermore was it DDH or TDH? Is there a QDH? And what about BA? There are so many combinations of letters we could throw on the label to offer a glimpse into what went into the can. And so many combinations of what we could do to this beer? Is it an oat cream? Are we in the Bega mafia? Did we steal One Drop's trademarked Oat treatment through corporate espionage, or did we just pick up the phone? In the end, it's just an exquisite hazy pale with heaps of Strata (old, new), Mosaic (classic, consistent), and Nectaron (the new, new).

About this beer

ABV 5.6%
New Arrival
Pale Ale - New England