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Fuller's Imperial IPA 500ml

ABV 10.5%
Made popular by the craft brewers of America, Imperial IPA is a revived style of beer that pushes the boundaries of well-hopped, high-strength ales.

Imperial IPA�s are traditionally brewed with a high proportion of crystal malt. Our unique take sees UK hop varieties Target, Goldings and Fuggles added to the copper at multiple points during the brew, delivering a piney, earthy aroma and a distinct edge of bitterness. For extra intrigue, we�ve also added a hint of black pepper - giving the beer a unique spicy twist.

Bottle conditioned to develop over time, this Imperial IPA will form a natural sediment in the bottle. Pour carefully to enjoy this special Fuller�s beer at its best.

About this beer

ABV 10.5%
IPA - Imperial / Double