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Fuller's Past Masters 1981 ESB 500ml

ABV 5.5%
Since 1845, the recipe of every beer brewed at The Griffin Brewery has been handwritten in the Fuller’s brewing books. The Past Masters series is a glimpse into our unique brewing history, recreating authentic beers from this rich archive.

 1981 ESB is the ninth beer in the Past Masters series. We’ve brewed sombeerething extra special to celebrate the career of Fuller’s legendary brewer John Keeling, who retires in 2018. This full-bodied, fruity beer uses the Extra Special Bitter recipe from John’s first day at Fuller’s in January 1981.

 As the beer is bottle conditioned, a natural sediment will form. Store upright, pour carefully and enjoy.

    About this beer

    ABV 5.5%
    Premium Bitter / ESB