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Future Mountain Stranger on a Train Golden Sour aged in Oak with Apricots 375ml

ABV 5.8%
Making this beer is just as rewarding as drinking it. On fruiting day, one our brewers drives out to Rayners Orchards in the Yarra Valley to pick up the fruit, whilst the other starts preparing the blend and barrels for the fruit processing. As soon as the apricots arrive at the brewery, they get to work de-stoning each apricot, and adding them directly into our oak barrels, making the process of farm to barrel within two hours. The golden sour blend is then transferred into the oak barrel, where our mixed culture breaks down and re-ferments the fruit over the next two to four months. The resulting beer is delicate with stone fruit aroma, and hints of oak. The palette is bright and sharp with notes of fuzzy fresh apricot skin, followed by it's sweet juicy flesh, all the while maintaining a gorgeous mouthfeel. Stranger On A Train is an excellent representation of how Future Mountain perfectly utilise the marriage between fruit and beer - all the while boasting balance, elegance, and drinkability.

About this beer

ABV 5.8%
Barrel Aged
New Arrival
Sour - Fruited