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Kees Tsar Cannon 330ml

ABV 11.2%
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Brewed by Brouwerij Kees at the Middleburg Brewery, Tsar Canon is a collaboration with Alvinne, a traditional Belgian brewery specialising in Sour Ales, and Velka Morava, an up-and-coming brewery from Moscow.

As the name suggests, Tsar Canon is a mighty Imperial Russian Stout, with a characteristic pitch-black body and thick, slick texture. The bouquet and palate are all about the dark-roast malt with burnt sugar and a molasses sweetness that sits perfectly with the sumptuous coffee and salt-liquorice profile, to usher in a seductive bittersweet and warming finish.

About this beer

ABV 11.2%
RateBeer: 98/100
Stout - Imperial