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Hours - Sun-Thurs 12pm-7pm, Fri & Sat 11am-8pm

Mountain Culture Misadventure Man Oat Cream IPA 500ml Can

ABV 7.4%
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There’s one or two questions we often find ourselves asking DJ on a weekly basis. One, what dry hops are you planning to use in this beer? And two, how did you get that new injury? In which the answer to the latter question often involves some sort of extreme sport it tried in an effort to relax on the weekend. Answering the former, we have infused this Oat Cream IPA with Sabro and Mosaic hops which permeate this beer with the aromas of citrus and stone fruits whilst imparting the flavours of creamy coconut and papaya. Stay tuned for more adventures of Misadventure Man! Contains lactose.
About this beer

ABV 7.4%
IPA - Hazy / New England
New Arrival