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Quiet Deeds Low Hanging Fruit 440ml Can

ABV 8.0%
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We wanted to start our series of 2020 DIPAs off with a bang.� Let�s just say the recipe jam session quickly turned into a pile on.� One hop, then two, then three, and finally settling on four.� But what else�.. Fruit.� Our first fruited DIPA.� Perfect!� Should we do Mango or Pineapple. Back and forth, back and forth.� We couldn�t decide and that ultimately made the decision for us.� Both!� So here it is.� Heavily hopped.� Heavily fruited.� Pretty much heavy on all fronts . . . for a liquid fruit salad!� Low Hanging Fruit in Deed!

About this beer

ABV 8.0%
IPA - Hazy Double / New England