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Hours - Sun-Thurs 12pm-7pm, Fri & Sat 11am-8pm

Quiet Deeds Nuke Point DDH IPA 330ml Can

ABV 6.0%
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Dry Hopped during fermentation with copious amounts of El Dorado, Kohatu, and Southern Cross (12g/L to be exact - it says so right on the can). This DDH IPA has an intensely NZ and American twist.  Your nose will have to fight past the cloud of ripe tropical fruit aroma that explodes from the can the second you crack it.  If you win that battle, wait until you take a drink.  Lush fruit gives way to a highlighted bitterness and a medium resin.  And what’s that in the background?  What is keeping this goliath in balance?  Why it’s one of our favourite malts - Golden Naked Oats!

The motto at Deeds Brewing is “whatever it takes!” and this ethos was paramount when we decided what to do next.  It’s one thing to brew an IPA, but it’s another to ensure our customers get to drink it as fresh as possible.  What would we want?  30 Days Freshness Guaranteed!  That’s right.  Every month we will brew a single batch.  We will ship it cold, directly from the fermenter, to venues exclusively in Victoria that will store and stock it cold.  And if it’s still there on the shelf after thirty days, we push a big red button on it and nuke it!  We will go to each and every venue that still has stock and replace it with the next batch – as to ensure you know with confidence that every time you see a Nuke Point on the shelf, it’ll be less then 30 days old and tasting amazing.

About this beer

ABV 6.0%