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Stone & Wood The Gatherer 375ml Can

ABV 4.2%

With a twist of real watermelon, cucumber and mint and hopped with Galaxy, The Gatherer is beer, but not as you know it. With its blush hue, zesty flavour and design-led cans, this refreshing drink brings a bright buzz to any social occasion and challenges preconceived notions about regular beer. Get creative serve it up with a slice of citrus and fresh mint in a stemless glass, if you like..

All-year round, with its lower 4/2% alc/vol, The Gatherer calls for fun social gatherings, long lunches and sunset tipples wherever you'll find the social gatherer we all know and love. Formerly a seasonal release and back as a national release for the first time, this is the first of various seasonal releases yet to come.

About this beer

ABV 4.2%
Wheat Beer