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Hours - Sun-Thurs 12pm-7pm, Fri & Sat 11am-8pm

Boatrocker Coffee Ramjet 2019 330ml

ABV 11.2%
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Pretty much everyone knows our infamous Ramjet STARWARD whisky barrel aged imperial stout. It�s a big luscious beast of a beer, with lovely whisky notes, and delicious aromas and flavours of dark chocolate, coffee, and malt. Inspired by some classic overseas versions of Bourbon BA coffee beers, we wanted to create a uniquely Australian version, using the wonderful whisky barrels of STARWARD. So we decided to up the natural coffee character that is present in Ramjet by infusing the beer with whole dark roast coffee beans. The result is an intense coffee aroma, and great coffee flavour blending into the thick luscious body of the base beer.
Aroma of fresh coffee, quite intense (this will drop off a little over time) with notes of malt, whisky, wood playing second fiddle to the coffee. On the palate, strong coffee flavours abound, but work well with the thick body, the whisky and malt integrating well with the extra coffee kick.
About this beer

ABV 11.2%
Barrel Aged
Stout - Imperial

Overall 99
83 Score
3.94/5 22 Ratings
10.6% ABV