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BrewDog Lost Lager 330ml Can

ABV 4.7%
by BrewDog
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Next up, a lager. There are two schools of thought here, you can either keep it classic and nail the colours of Germany or the Czech Republic to the mast, or you can freestyle. Lost Lager is the best of both worlds. BrewDog Head of Production Jason Pond has spent months dialling in a brand new dry-hopped pilsner that has, at its heart, two secret weapons. The first is the contemporary German hop variety Saphir – renowned for a vibrancy of citrus and stone fruit. The second is the deployment of lager yeast from the world-beating Weihenstephan. Conditioned for 28 days, Lost Lager is destined to be a crisp, clean pilsner with hints of spice and a zesty lime marmalade character. Prepare to lose yourself at the end of the month.

About this beer

ABV 4.7%