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De Ranke Franc Belge 330ml

ABV 5.2%
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Franc Belge has the qualities you would expect in a 'Sp�ciale Belge'-style beer: a soft malty flavour, which resembles the taste of a biscuit. This is due to the lightly coloured malts (pils, pale ale and munich) that are used and the very moderate lever of alcohol of 5,2 % abv. A very drinkable beer with a bitter but delicate flavour, thanks to the use of Fuggles-hops, a variety of Kent Golding. It's a unfiltered, unpasteurised beer for which only real hopcones, so no pellets or extracts, have been used.

About this beer

ABV 5.2%
Belgian Pale Ale

Overall 87
95 Score
3.53/5 65 Ratings
5.2% ABV