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Fyne Ales / De Molen Mills & Hills Imperial Stout 330ml

ABV 9.5%
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Imperial Stout brewed in collaboration with De Molen OG: 1100 Hops: Challenger, Magnum, Polaris, Sorachi Ace, Calypso Malt: Pale Malt, Brown Malt, Crystal Malt, Torrefied Wheat, Chocolate Malt, Roast Barley. A jet black imperial stout with a dark caramel coloured head. The aroma is of prunes and dark fruticake with a smooth treacle like taste and a lasting warm bitter finish. Back in November our friends at De Molen in The Netherlands made the journey over to Scotland to brew our strongest beer to date. De Molen are renowned for brewing big world beating stouts, and we felt that it was fitting that we brew one together on our new kit. This beer was all about seeing how far we could push our new kit on ABV and IBUs. The result is a 9.5% Imperial Stout that is a modern take on a classic style: bold new world hops such as Sorachi Ace and Calypso add a unique dimension to the rich meaty body of the beer. We are also doing a wee barrel ageing experiment with this one and have left some to age in a Grappa barrel with some brettanomyces for a few months. Watch this space…..

About this beer

ABV 9.5%
RateBeer: 99/100
Stout - Imperial