Tallboy & Moose Birthday Suit Freeze Distilled Eisbock 250ml



This anniversary Eisbock has been a huge undertaking for the team at Tallboy & Moose. This beer has spent five months in tank. It's been freeze distilled five times taking a 10% original beer to a weighty 20% Eisbock with textural low-carbonation. We had to completely overhaul our chilling system in the brewery to make this happen. But it was all worth it - the results are nothing short of spectacular. The malt base of this beer is Munich, Vienna and Wheat with a sprinkle of chocolate malt for colour. The flavours and aromas have also been boosted by the distillation bringing massive complexities beyond the simple base recipe: fruit toast, marzipany nougat, stewed dark fruit, toasted almond, figgy date sticky toffee deliciousness! We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoyed making it. Prost!